From large-scale renovations and new construction, to simple furniture refreshes, our team can help bring creative and intentional design to your spaces. 

Sarah Fultz Interiors is a full-service interior design firm based in Dallas, Texas, founded by Sarah Fultz 

You want to create a unique, soulful home in which you can watch your family thrive, serve your community well, and find rest and refuge.

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We serve our clients by providing them with creative, intentional, and functional spaces made for living. By collaborating with architects and builders, we help our clients by choosing details and finishes that accurately reflect their personal style. Following construction, we decorate our clients’ spaces with unique furnishings, lighting, art and accessories.

We believe deeply in the impact that loving your home can have on your family, your health, and your relationships.

Amanda graduated from Iowa State University with a BFA in Interior Design. With experience in both commercial and residential design, she has come to be lovingly known as the “Technical Guru” for all things SFI. From creating cabinet elevations and layouts in autoCAD, to managing installations, to creating designs of her own, Amanda is an indispensable part of the SFI team (and just a genuine delight to be around). 

When not helping clients build their dream home, Amanda is helping people FIND their dream home (yep, she’s in real estate, too!). Amanda has lived in Dallas, TX since 2016.

Amanda Floyd

Design Coordinator

Sarah’s passion for interiors comes from personal experience. She has witnessed firsthand just how immense of an impact your surroundings can have on your wellbeing. 

Her designs draw heavily on inspiration from nature and history, favoring living finishes, warm textures, and vintage pieces. 

The biggest source of inspiration, however, is her family. As the mother of three young sons, Sarah’s designs value functionality and durability, as well as elegance and comfort.

Sarah has been married to David since 2009, and currently resides with her family in Dallas, TX.

Sarah Fultz

Owner + creative director

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