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Not to be dramatic, but Christmas is 8 DAYS AWAY. You have 15 seconds to panic (I’ll wait)… Now, let’s get to work on that gift shopping you haven’t been able to tackle yet. See below for a list of great (and available!) gifts for everyone left on your list.

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For your mom, MIL, aunt, sister, etc…

  • Ilia Mascara – the best nontoxic mascara out there, full stop (although this one is really good, too).

  • Fuzzy Slippers – these look way more expensive than they really are.

  • Vitruvi Diffuser – this is my absolute favorite diffuser (would be fun to pair with an oil set, and this brand is my go-to).

For your dad, DIL, uncle, brother, etc…

  • YETI Mug – maybe the safest gift to give anyone (I’m just assuming all things YETI will sell out; if so, I’ve had a lot of luck with this brand, too).

  • Ursa Major Set – y’all know I can’t get enough of this brand.

  • Whiskey Stones – would be fun to pair with his favorite bourbon.

For the homebody/design-lover…

  • Small Wooden Pedestal – seems random, but I promise there is no end to the styling possibilities with this piece. Countertop, tabletop, in the bookshelf…it goes everywhere.

  • Wooden Bead Garland – how chic are these draped over a big coffee table book (this one is on my wishlist).

  • Welcome Home – the way Myquellin (aka The Nester) decorates and lives is a huge inspiration to myself and so many others. This book would be a blessing to whomever receives it.

  • Turkish Hand Towels – they complement any and every style of home.

For the foodie…

  • Sous Vide – this one has great reviews and is under $100.

  • Air Fryer – people are FREAKING OUT about these (we snagged one for a couple on our list since it’s a tad higher in price).

  • The Defined Dish Cookbook – every DD meal I’ve made has turned out incredible.

  • Stasher Bags – silicone over plastic every. damn. day.

For your teens/college students…

For your kids, nieces, and nephews…

  • The Biggest Story – this book covers the whole of biblical history, but with conversational ease and stunning illustrations. The ABC board book version is great for the super littles, too.

  • Melissa & Doug Suspend Game – I’m not super sure what the difference is between the Family and Junior versions, but this looks like SUCH a fun game (and less traumatic than Jenga…).

  • Paint by Sticker Books – holy cow my boys are addicted to these things (almost as addicted as I am to the quiet focus they provide). There are a ton of different themes to choose from, but this Masterpiece one is our favorite.



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  1. David Fultz says:

    Is it too obvious if I buy you something off this list..?
    Your Secret Admirer (husband)