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Mother’s Day isn’t until May 10th (three weeks-ish) which – if you’re me – feels kind of far away. But when we take into account the delays in order fulfillment and shipping, now is the time to show the mama in your life some love.

First, it goes without saying that this is a DIFFERENT kind of Mother’s Day. We’re probably not traveling to grandma’s, and we’re definitely not going out to brunch altogether. A lot of families’ economic situations have changed, too. All that said, if there was ever a year for a heartfelt, homemade gift for the mothers and grandmothers in our lives, it’s this one. Here are some of the cuter projects I’ve seen out there on the interwebs:

  • I love the idea of using your favorite photos to make a flip calendar like this blogger did with her Instagram shots.

  • Homemade soaps have always felt a little… I don’t know… old fashioned to me? Images of those round pastel soaps (that smelled overly floral and powdery and sat on a porcelain dish in my grandma’s bathroom that I was definitely NOT SUPPOSED TO TOUCH as a child) come to mind. But these gemstone ones look RAD and super fun to make.

  • You really can’t beat homemade kid art. Bust out the watercolors, let the kids go to town, then elevate them to gallery status for mom with these gorgeous brass frames.

  • This is so random, but one of my personal favorite parts of Mother’s Day are the questionnaires that my kids do at school about me (you know the ones, with questions like “What’s mommy’s favorite food?”, “What does mommy like to do when you’re at school?”, and “What’s mommy’s favorite thing to say?”). The answers are always both hilarious and heartwarming, and I’m so sad that school is cancelled and we won’t get to do those. BUT, I found a free printable for y’all so you can do them for your moms and grandmas.

If, however, doing a craft would not be a blessing for you at this time (*raises hand), here are a few gift ideas you can easily add to cart and ship to mama:

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  1. Magnolia Table Vol. 2: This is based on the big assumption that she hasn’t bought this for herself already.

  2. Lunya Silk Pajama Set: Fultz got me these washable silk pajamas for Valentine’s Day and they are HEAVENLY; I’ve never felt so chic while sleeping.

  3. Jade Face Roller: I feel like these were huge a year or two ago and have now sort of faded from popularity, but I promise you: their hype was real and deserved. Grab a winner of a skin oil to go with it for her.

  4. Travel Jewelry Case: This is from my one of my favorite sustainable brands, but I just found this one from local Dallas brand Leatherology and I’m quite smitten.

  5. All-weather Bracelets: They’re lightweight, noiseless, and you can wear them swimming; truly such a great gift.

  6. Bath Caddy: I dig this live edge one (would really warm up a white bathroom), but if mama is more traditional, she may prefer a pretty polished nickel one. Go ahead and include the world’s best bath salts while you’re at it.

  7. Farmacy Green Clean Balm: I gave this to my mama last year and she loved it. It reminds me of an updated, clean version of Pond’s Cold Cream (which I considered the height of luxury growing up from it’s pretty jar on my mom’s vanity).

  8. Ugg Slippers: I feel like you really can’t go wrong with anything Ugg for mom. These slippers are obviously a classic, but my mom actually gave me this cardigan for Christmas, and I’m not lying when I tell you I wear it every. single. day.

  9. Custom Silhouette Portrait: I was gifted silhouette portraits of our boys a couple years back, and they are truly so so precious to me. I ended up getting them for my mom and in-laws, too. I love how this one is a little more “punchy” and modern.

Honorable mention goes to GIFT CARDS. Shoot her one to Anthro, Williams-Sonoma, or Target and she’ll be a happy lady.

Do you have any fun Mother’s Day traditions? What are you planning to do this year to help mama feel special during quarantine? Dying to hear creative ways to bless the mamas in my life, so please share!




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