The Haps This Weekend – April 25


Happiest of Saturdays to you, friends! How was this past week? We gave our first Corona-Cut, ate our weight in peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and became fans (albeit late ones) of The Great British Baking Show – all in all an okay week for us.

In case you missed it…

  • I rolled out a Mother’s Day Gift Guide for y’all on Monday. It’s full of great options for your mom (or your wife, dads!).
  • On Thursday I shared six books that have changed the way I parent my boys. I think it’s a unique list in that they are not all parenting books (we’ve got a business book in there, a novel…), and might help any of you who feel discouraged with those traditional parenting books.
  • I shared on Instagram Friday about the new bedding I was gifted by Nollapelli, and I meant every word of it. Between those sheets, these pajamas, and CBD oil, my sleeping game has been UPPED. Click here to check out the brand, and use code SARAH20 to save 20% off your order.

Now for the Haps…

  • The baking mania continues for me over here. I’ve made the chocolate chip cookies from this book so many times, I’m almost at the place where I don’t need to check the recipe anymore (that’s pretty much Baking Badass Status right there, isn’t it?). Fultz and I are weird, though, and prefer more dough than chocolate, so I use mini chips instead of chunks.
  • I mentioned a couple of weeks ago how I was in the market for new denim shorts. After a few discouraging online order + returns, I added this pair on a whim to a Target drive-up order I was making. Turns out I LOVE THEM. I actually grabbed these slightly longer ones, too, and I think I’m going to keep both. The key in ordering denim shorts (at least for me/my bod) is ordering a size up.
  • You know you still need to be wearing SPF indoors, right? I’m someone who likes to mix things up in skincare and try new things, but once I found this moisturizer + SPF 50 a couple of years ago, there was no turning back. I have slightly oily, majorly blemish-prone skin, so I’m obsessed with how lightweight and non-greasy it is. It’s not technically “clean”, but it’s hard to find a quality SPF over 30 that is, in my opinion.
  • My friend sent me this article a couple of weeks ago, and it sums up the hardest parts of quarantine for me better than I could.
  • Have you watched The Chosen? Listen… I’m VERY skeptical of anything the entertainment industry puts out about Jesus (it’s either wrong or poorly made…usually both), but the Rotten Tomatoes score on this show made me curious. We’re only a couple of episodes in, but the storyline is captivating and the production value is HIGH.

What are y’all up to? Any recipes to share? I feel like I’m floundering on general meal-planning these days, so your suggestions are very welcome!



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  1. Katie G. says:

    Girrrrrl, we LOVE The Chosen! Look for our names in the credits (for real!). And you know I’m on the denim short bandwagon. Love the pairs you got! Interested in the fit of the longer pair. Are they tight, or does ordering a size up make them roomier?

  2. Aleks Stewar says:

    Just stumbled onto your blog. Great read! Love that Tech Review article you posted. And this was a hit this week: