The Weekend Haps – May 9



How was your week? My oldest two FINISHED the school year, and man are we pumped. I’m so proud of those buddies and how hard they worked all year. Coen received the award for “Honesty” in his class, and Truman received “Reliable” – two outstanding character traits, if I do say so myself. If you need us, we’ll be celebrating the end of one of the sweetest and weirdest school years to date.

In case you missed it…

  • Monday morning I began sharing the full reveal of our home with y’all, starting in the kitchen and breakfast nook. Backstory, sources, details, and tips galore – check it out.

  • On Thursday we took a moment to celebrate ceiling fans and how far they’ve come in the last 2-5 years or so. I gathered nine of my favorites for y’all, as well as shared tips on choosing and installing the right one for your space.

Now for the haps…

  • Remember when I was contemplating this moisturizer a couple weeks ago (update: it’s awesome)? On a whim I added this peeling solution by the same brand to my cart and WHOA. My skin has never felt smoother. Warning: it looks exactly like you’re adding drops of actual blood on your face when you apply it, but once you rinse you’re left with this insanely soft complexion (not for those of you with sensitive skin).

  • I wear this shirt – no lie – at least twice a week.

  • There is a spot along our house in the backyard that’s currently a row of dirt since we had to remove about three dead bushes recently. It’s basically begging us to be transformed into an outdoor kitchen area, so we’re pulling a lot of inspiration images and attempting to price the project out. We’re thinking something like this (and be sure to follow along on Pinterest for more inspo!).

  • This book should be required reading. I just started listening to Jennie’s corresponding podcast on my evening walks (when I can sneak out for one) and it’s become a major highlight.

  • Fultz said he wants to get me an organic pillow for Mother’s Day (good at picking up hints, that one is), but needs me to do the research. I’m currently debating between Avocado and Savvy Rest. Any hot takes on this out there?

What are you up to this weekend? Any fun home projects on the horizon? As always, give me all of your recipe, movie, and book recommendations down there in the comments!



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