The Weekend Haps – August 8


Hi hey hello. How was your week? We started our week off on a real life vacation (what?!), and it was very much needed.

  • We spent the first few days of our week in Carlton Landing, OK. Have you heard of it?? It’s a lake community in Oklahoma that was planned by the same designers that did Watercolor in FL. Truly a magical place!

  • This little cargo wagon was essential on the trip.

  • I’d never made my kids spaghetti and meatballs until this week (I know – what kind of mother am I?). I used this recipe and it was FANTASTIC. I even had Coen and Truman help roll the mixture into balls, and they loved being involved.

  • A little quirk about my boys is that they LOVE candles. One of our favorite (pre-COVID) pastimes was to go into White Barn or Target and smell all. the. candles. We recently found this one while buying school supplies, and WHOA it’s good.

  • This short film by Damien Chazelle was shot entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro, and that blows my mind.

  • Some of the things in this Amazon shop are bizarre/kitschy, but some things are amazing. Like this ceramic jar, this mirror, and this acacia and leather folding bench.

We’re spending the rest of our weekend tackling house projects (I’m thinking I may start an herb garden!), getting school uniforms ordered/resized, and playing Bananagrams. What are you up to?



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