The Weekend Haps – January 9


What. a. week. I know we’re all starting the year off under a heaviness, sadness, and perhaps anger that we didn’t expect given this week’s attack on our Capitol, but – per usual – my hope is to add some levity and beauty in the midst of what seems like constant chaos.

In case you missed it…

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  • On Thursday I shared an oldie-but-a-goodie blog post from 2020 highlighting small steps you can take to make your home a haven. The events of this past week prompted me to share this again, as it seems to be something that’s only becoming more important.

Now for the haps…

  • Did you see Chris Loves Julia’s daughter’s bedroom reveal? As someone who lives in a house full of men, I can only DREAM of creating a princess bedroom as beautiful as this one day (parents of daughters: HIRE ME 😉 ).

  • Over Christmas break, we played around with different cocktail recipes. This Vanilla Chai Old Fashioned is going to stay in our regular rotation, me thinks.

  • My mama bought me two masks from True Botanicals for Christmas, and they’re incredible (just like everything else I’ve tried from them). This one you apply and wear overnight for a surge of moisture while you sleep, and this one is a really quick (but effective) resurfacing mask that burns so good.

  • This article was wildly helpful for me in processing Wednesday’s crazy events. I’ve been thankful for Dr. Moore’s leadership for years, but especially these past couple.

  • This candle. That’s all.

  • My first clothing purchase of 2021 felt like a risk (like what even is this store?), but I’ve worn it four times already, so I think we’d call it a win (it might be the coziest thing in my closet).



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