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I’ll spare you the unnecessary preamble praising Target’s benefits. It’s wonderful, it’s innovative, it’s bringing beauty and ease to our lives every single day – we all get it. I just wanted to do a quick round-up of things that have caught my eye (online and in store) at this wondrous shop as of late…

Target Finds JPG.jpg

Accent Chair + Stool: I snapped a pic and shared this on my stories before it was available online, and you guys FREAKED. I’ve already included it in a recent project, and plan on using the ottoman in an upcoming one.

Striped Doormat: First impressions and all that.

Table Lamp: This is an affordable take on a wildly expensive version that I won’t even link for you. It’s gorgeous.

Serving Bowl: I love the black color and textured construction.

Accent Lamp: The tapered shade, the orb-like base… it’s good.

Candle: A perfect mix of crisp and woodsy, this is your go-to late winter candle.

Throw Pillows: The pillow selection at Target is overwhelming at the moment. This boucle one, the striped option, and this lumbar beauty make quite the grouping, do they not?

Quilt: I still want to buy everything from the Casaluna line.

Waffle Towel: I repeat – everything from the Casaluna line.

Ceramic Wind Chime: A group of these would be lovely inside or out.

Counter Stool: I used these in the Carriage Hills Project, and they look three times the cost in person.

So browse online or – dare I suggest – don a mask and take a looksy in person. Just don’t sleep on Target these days. She’s being good to us.



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