Honorable Mentions – Vol. 3


I really thought I’d be posting these weekly round-ups, well, weekly. But alas, here I am, almost three months later, finally getting around to post number three. I blame the holidays + a baby that doesn’t love sleeping. So without further ado…

Things you may have missed this week:

  1. This book is instant inspiration. I have a lot of design books, but I don’t “study” any of them like I do this one.
  2. I wear this dress at least once per week. It’s wildly comfortable, nursing friendly (bump friendly, too), and feels chic while being insanely easy to wear.
  3. Tallow skincare feels like the answer. I just ordered this cream, as well as their baby balm.
  4. I’ve had these shoes for about three years. I ordered some different shoes once I noticed mine started wearing out a bit, but ended up returning them and ordering these again. Just can’t quit em.
  5. I just finished this book. I don’t know that I agree with everything in it, but Smith is such a great thinker and so much of what he posits rings true.
  6. This chair is the most asked-for piece of the Valor Project (and that cushion is so comfy + performance fabric).

Chasing the good, true, and beautiful with you,


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