How to Incorporate Vintage Items Into Your Home

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  1. Kate says:

    This is so great! I think I’ve done each of the categories you mentioned and you’re so right!
    I started shopping at antique and thrift stores probably in college, but got really into it about six years ago. Dallas has some great shops, but I have my best luck at estate sales. I’d say my house is currently half vintage, half new items. As the new items (which are of lower quality than the vintage items) begin to wear out, I will replace them with unique, well-made vintage pieces. I really enjoy looking for vintage items…it’s like a treasure hunt every time! Having so many in my home definitely makes it feel more soulful and unique. For anyone having doubts, I’d recommend starting with the small accessories and working your way up to furniture and bigger investment pieces. The only items I stay away from are things that might be hard to wash or clean, or items that I couldn’t easily reupholster myself. Everything else is fair game!