The Weekend Haps – January 16


What. A. Week. Does it feel like every week in 2021 has been monumental? I’m, personally, just ready for your average, run of the mill, boring week… but I just realized the 20th is in this next week, so not holding my breath. Oy.

In case you missed it…

  • On Monday, I shared a round up of simple and inexpensive ways to update your home. Think renovation projects that you can either do yourself, or would be extremely cost-effective to hire a contractor to help.

  • On Thursday, two fun things happened. First, I wrote a very fun blog post about how to incorporate vintage items into your home (what items to start with, where to find them, etc.). But then I also introduced you guys to the newest addition to my shop page: the vintage section! This is just a space I curated with a bunch of my favorite vintage pieces for sale out there online. Like the rest of the shop, I’m constantly updating and adding new items, so be sure to check back periodically!

Now for the haps…

  • This soup, you guys. I don’t always have success with my Instant Pot, but this recipe turned out perfectly. I made it last week (when it was snowing!), and am actually making it again for friends tonight.

  • I teased y’all the other day by showing you an in-store pic of a new chair from Target, only to realize it hasn’t hit online yet. SO sorry. Here is another gorgeous one from Hearth & Hand to tide you over.

  • When one of your favorite modern thinker/authors releases a commentary/guide edition of your favorite piece of classic literature, you preorder immediately.

  • My buddy recently started a podcast and guys – it’s good. This episode in particular was an especially great listen.

  • Sezane is the go-to for that French chic look, and their archive sale is going on right now. I snagged these precious little pumps (such a good color and not-too-high heel).

  • This is the best account to follow on IG right now, period. #factrevolution

What are y’all up to this weekend? What are you reading or watching? I always love hearing your fun recommendations, too, so comment below with any fun finds!



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