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As someone who loves writing, starting a blog has always been in the back of my mind. I have notes on my phone and word docs saved on my computer of blog post ideas dating back to 2009. The topic/category/theme of my imaginary blog has changed over the years… from theology to fashion to motherhood to womanhood to beauty to – you guessed it – design. While some of those may seem drastically disconnected, it’s easy for me to see the “tapestry”, if you will, because it’s basically a collection of things I’ve held dear as I’ve personally developed as an adult. In other words, it feels like “me”.

So what’s held me back? If the desire was so strong and the content so clear to me, why am I writing my first blog post over 11 years later? Well…lots of things. At first I suppose it was the fear of failure. The thought of being vulnerable and trying something new only to “fail” was paralyzing (even though I don’t think I could have defined what this mythical “failure” was). So after a while of letting that fear trap me, it was a lack of time. And sleep. And braincells. Three children born in four years is, you know, a lot. I wasn’t sure how to even put clothes ON there for a minute, much less write about them. Then the fog of newborn life lifted finally, but a new fear developed. I felt I’d “missed it”. The opportunity, the timing. It seemed like there were millions of blogs out there, and while I still felt sure my content was going to be unique, I felt like it would get smothered or lost.

But then came 2019 and all its transformative wonder. I tried new things. Scary things. I started a business. I traveled across the globe multiple times (once with complete strangers!). I learned new skills, honed my mission, and made new friends. After a year of experimenting and experiencing, I FINALLY feel ready to take the plunge.

Engaging with all of you on social media has given me the push I need, too. I’m constantly getting DMs on Instagram requesting sources, paint colors, design help, or even “Will you do a round up of your favorite [fill in the blank]”. Plus, the most frequented page on my site is this blog section, which – up until now – has simply read “coming soon”. It’s time, people. Also FREAKING COVID-19. I’ve had to press pause on all client work, so this little blog is giving me a creative outlet and a way to connect with y’all during this completely insane time.

So this is what you can expect around these parts: project progress and reveals, behind the scenes of the business, how to incorporate beauty into your life, motherhood, fashion, faith, and honestly whatever else strikes me. While the topics will vary, I commit to only putting out thoughtful and intentional work. No base materialism or vapid ramblings here.

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  1. Katie G. says:

    Here for it! Can’t wait for more!

  2. Kendra says:

    Excited to read more! And for you to get back to design work with clients!