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Oh, Deere Project. How I love, thee. My first paid project. Such a surprise. One of the biggest gifts. A little backstory: it’s 2018. I’d decided to simply do more of the things that brought me life, which meant saying “yes” to friends when they asked for design help in their homes. They start telling their friends what I can do, one thing leads to another, and by the end of the year a total stranger reaches out and asks if I can help him furnish and style his new home. All he had to go on was a simple design board I’d made for my friend (along with her gracious recommendation), but – SOMEHOW – he trusted me enough to hire me for this HUGE job.

The home was a newly-built three-story condo in Dallas’ Uptown neighborhood. The job? Furnish and style the whole. dang. thang. Living, dining, kitchen, master bedroom, and rooftop patio. I joke with the homeowner that he was the best and worst first client. Best in the sense that he was so easy to work with, so enjoyable to be around, so trusting in the design process. And worst…for all the same reasons (he ruined me! I mean, clients can’t ALWAYS be like that, right??).

Here is the initial design board I presented.

Deere Living Design Board.jpg

And now, without further ado, see below for the living room reveal. I’ve linked all sources, and included alternatives if the item was sold out or no longer available (do. not. snooze on those chair alternatives – literally one tenth the original price!). Let me know if you have any questions about this space! I’ll be back in later posts to share the other rooms of the project. Oh ALSO, you can now access my inspiration and source board on Pinterest for this project! You’ll be able to see a lot of other elements that I considered, in addition to the ones that made it into the design.



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  1. Esther says:

    Thank you for this! My husband and I just bought a new house and I’ve been frustrated on trying to design my living room. Moving from that college dorm design to a more permanent design has been a difficult change but I always look to your account for inspiration!

  2. Gregory says:

    Do you know what the paint color is on the walls?