The Haps This Weekend


Happy Easter weekend, friends. This weekend feels…weird. We’re making the most of things (really, we are), and we’ll enjoy the extra time as a family worshipping together as we watch the service online, but DANG – I’m longing to be with our church family. Like there’s a physical ache in my chest. Watermark fam, beware: imma hug you so hard when it’s socially responsible to do so. Get ready.

Other things of note:

  • An overabundance of chicken (plus egg noodles being the only pasta I could find) led to me making chicken noodle soup for the first time. I found the recipe randomly after a quick Pinterest search, and was so surprised at how well it turned out!
  • Speaking of cooking… I know all the food bloggers somehow fit endless ingredients into those 12” skillets of theirs, but I’ve never been able to do it. Instead, the pan I reach for is kind of a saute pan/saucier hybrid. This one by Staub is on crazy sale right now (like over 50% off) – that gray is so pretty, but I kind of dig that olive green, too.
  • Do you do an Easter egg hunt around this time? It’s so fun, but one of my kids has a VERY hard time distinguishing Easter (what it TRULY is) from candy/eggs/bunnies, so we have to be extra careful with our traditions. We’re doing a version of this activity, but adapted it a bit. We collected the rocks yesterday (Good Friday), and the baskets have been sitting out in our kitchen. It’s made the boys really live in the tension of this time between Friday and Sunday, and the anticipation for Easter has been building. I can’t wait for them to wake up tomorrow morning and see all of their rocks in Jesus’ basket, and theirs full of toys and treats.
  • My favorite denim shorts – that I’ve had for over 10 years – broke (yes, freaking BROKE) this week, which puts me in the market for new ones. Everlane never, ever lets me down, so I think I’m going to order these. These are also tempting considering they’re on major sale, but can a mother of three in her 30s shop here? It’s unclear…
  • Remember me talking about this book? Yeah, book two was just as good.
  • Max Greenfield and his daughter are getting me through quarantine.

So that’s us. What are you doing this weekend? One thing I haven’t given much thought to is a special Easter dinner…whoops. Any ideas?

If you don’t have a church family, it would truly be an honor for us to (virtually) worship together tomorrow. You can click here to watch our church’s service live on Sunday at 9am or 11:15am. Also, if you have questions about Easter, faith, Jesus, Christianity, etc., please please do not hesitate to email me at . I definitely don’t have all the answers, but Jesus has changed my life – amazingly, completely – and there’s nothing I love talking about more.



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  1. Katie says:

    I love these posts! Must discuss AHSFAB ASAP!