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Y’all ready for another edition of Essentially Beautiful? The response to last week’s Kitchen post was so fun – you guys get me, and you all seem to be on board with the idea of putting yourselves “in the way of beauty” (to quote a book I’ve never read).

Today, we tackle the bathroom. Outside of tile and perhaps lighting, people rarely associate bathrooms with being beautiful. BUT, here’s the deal: by adding details through thoughtful storage, elevated basics, and some good old fashion thinking outside the box, you can transform your bathroom into a place of charm and peace without breaking a sweat.

Essentially Beautiful BathroomJPEG.jpg
  1. Terrazzo Trash Bin – $27 (ummm…can we give Wal-Mart a slow clap for this real quick? It’s weighty, modern, yet playful. If you’re like me, though, and prefer a lidded trash can in the bathroom, this simple one from Pottery Barn is great and has a surprising price point).
  2. Toilet Brush – $17 (admittedly, it’s not easy to find a “beautiful” toilet brush – but you have to have one. We have this one from CB2 in my boys’ bathroom, and it’s somehow…sleek. If you want to try something a bit more “glam” this one would fit the bill).
  3. Bamboo Scale – $30 (I feel like the clear glass scales out there used to read “modern”, but now read “1996”. This bamboo one adds warmth and texture while also helping you watch the lbs).
  4. Alarm Clock – $20 (so an alarm clock proooobably isn’t going in your bathroom, but I wanted to include this piece and needed a category for it, so…get over it. We have this one in our bedroom, and – randomly – one of the biggest “where did you get that?!” moments in our home).
  5. Toilet Paper Holder – $13 (is this triggering for anyone? I know there’s a shortage right now, but just think how much fun it will be to put a roll on a holder as pretty as this one when your Amazon order finally comes through! I may have to do a whole post about toilet paper holders, because there are randomly so many good ones out there. This one gives a more boho vibe, while this one reads a bit more mid-century).
  6. Amber Pump Bottles – $20 (maybe you’re a boss and already buy beautifully packaged shampoo, but for the rest of us rocking Herbal Essences and Head & Shoulders, these bad boys provide a stylish, uniform look to our shower shelf. Just pour your products into these pump bottles, et voila – instant luxury).
  7. Moroccan Bath Mat – $49 (I’m actually a big fan of a vintage rug in the bathroom, but if that freaks you out, this Moroccan-inspired bath mat is gorgeous).
  8. Amber Glass Canisters – $4-10 (bathrooms require endless storage, and these amber glass canisters provide a stylish solution for you. Cotton rounds, q-tips, bath salts – I promise you, the uses are endless).
  9. Turkish Hand Towel – $12 (get rid of the bulky, traditional towel silently molding in your bathroom, and replace it with this lightweight Turkish one. It falls beautifully, and dries quickly. Hang it on a pretty holder like this one while you’re at it).

So what do we think? Did I leave anything out? I really am serious about doing a toilet paper holder round-up…maybe I’ll save it for a time when the COVID cloud has lifted and we’re all celebrating restocked grocery aisles.



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