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Quarantine, social distancing… it’s all affecting all of us differently. Some of us are relishing the time at home with a slower pace, while some of us feel the walls closing in around us. Some of us have jobs that can be done with relative ease from home, while some of us (a LOT of us) are trying desperately to either pivot in their careers, or file for unemployment. It’s crazy, scary times – especially if you own a small business that relies on physical patronage. Our favorite local shops and restaurants are hurting right now – we know this – BUT, all is not lost. There are simple (even fun) ways we can support these businesses in this season.

Some simple things pretty much anyone can do during this time:

  • Buy gift certificates: while you may not get to go on that date to your favorite restaurant right now (or your favorite local shop isn’t able to ship out during this time), you can usually purchase a gift certificate. That way they have the cash on hand to carry on a little longer, and you have something fun to look forward to when this is all over.
  • Order take-out: craving your favorite burger? Have you always wanted to try that new Thai place around the corner? Chances are your favorite restaurants are offering delivery or curbside pick-up during this time. All of the cooking we’re doing at home is AMAZING, but consider a weekly take-out night to help keep these businesses afloat.
  • SHARE: Did you have a great shipping experience with a local shop? Is your favorite restaurant going above and beyond somehow right now? We ALL have a sphere of influence, especially when it comes to social media. If you support a small business right now, share it on social media – it’s not “tooting your own horn”; it’s critical advertising for these businesses, and a great way for you to help them out at no cost to yourself.
photo via Magic Hour

photo via Magic Hour

And now, for all my fellow Dallasites, I wanted to highlight some amazing local businesses here in the metroplex. I asked for your help on Instagram, and boy did you guys deliver!

  • Magic Hour Shop: if you follow me on IG, you already know how much I love this shop. It may be the most beautifully curated space in Dallas. If you’re in the market for drinkware, pillows, candles, or decor, Magic Hour is a MUST. BONUS, they’re offering 20% off and free shipping on orders over $75 right now!
  • Beatnik Fine Goods: another Oak Cliff shop that has stolen my heart over the years. Beatnik is where you go if you want beautiful jewelry, beyond cute baby essentials, or unique house/drinkware (I mean, if I were a water bottle, I’d be this one). BONUS, they’re offering 20% off and free shipping over $60 right now!
  • Communion Neighborhood Cooperative: while I desperately miss holding client presentations in their conference rooms and settling into a cozy booth with one of the best lattes in town, I’m thankful that my neighborhood coffee shop + restaurant + co-working space has made so much of itself available to-go. BONUS, you need to check out their 400 for 500 campaign. It’s truly the heart of this special place: serving you, while serving the community. Our family is doing it, and picking up our weekly meal from Communion has become such a highlight (and lifesaver!).
  • Melt Ice Cream: if you know, you know. This is some of the best ice cream in Dallas and Ft. Worth (and for sure the cutest shop). And guess what? They now deliver!! You can even make it an add-on when you order from select other area restaurants. BONUS, you can purchase a $25 Happiness for Heroes bag, which will deliver amazing ice cream to our emergency medical heroes here in DFW.
  • Neighborhood Cellar: this Oak Cliff shop has some of the best selections of wine in town, with price points for every budget. While the owners’ taste is impeccable and knowledge unending, this isn’t your typical wine-snob shop (where everyone is sipping and swishing and spitting and talking about absurd “notes” and “legs” and you’re scared to go in for fear of looking like an idiot even though you’re preeetttyyyy sure everyone is just making this stuff up…you know?). Nope – this place is approachable, affordable, and just dang FUN. BONUS, they’re doing curbside pick-up right now, and even delivery for select zip-codes.
  • Lockwood Distilling Co.: this is another neighborhood favorite of ours. Their Italian Muffaletta is so freaking good, and picking up a grazing board (along with a bottle of their made in-house spirits) would be a pretty killer at-home date night. BONUS, they are selling food, wine, and spirits for pick-up right now. Check their Facebook page for the most up to date menu.
  • Flea Style: the owner of this incredible shop, Brittany, and I actually traveled to Morocco together last year. Since then, Flea Style has become a go-to for me when looking for anything handmade, vintage, or just plain beautiful. Britt partners with local makers and collectors to create a permanent – elevated – flea market experience. TIP, while a lot of their stuff is available online right now, I would for sure also grab a gift card and treat yourself once shelter-in-place is lifted (the store itself is such an EXPERIENCE, plus you don’t want to miss out on Heirloom Haul, Flea Style’s new restaurant in their Frisco location).

I know I am leaving out a TON, because Dallas is such a great place to have a small business. To see more, check out the comments in this Instagram post. If I left someone off that you love (or if you have a small business we can support!) PLEASE show them some love and leave a note in the comments!



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