The Weekend Haps – May 16


Happy weekend, people. How was it this past week? I have to say, quarantine wore on me this week. We had drive-thru end-of-year ceremonies that made me VERY emotional. The dates for the vacation we’d saved for and planned pre-COVID have arrived (yet we remain at home). Summer camps were cancelled…. just felt like it was a lot of bad news. But, as I mentioned in this IG post, this time has not been without its sweetness, and for that I am truly grateful.

In case you missed it…

  • On Monday I walked y’all through the renovation of our dining room and entry way. That space is for sure an example of working with what you have, since most of the pieces are 10+ years old and no longer my favorites. But it’s still a space we’re proud of and use often, even if it’s not a great representation of my design style at this moment.

  • On Thursday…NOTHING. I try to hit publish on blog posts Monday, Thursday, and Saturday; but I gave myself a day off this week, and it was glorious. So… sorry. But I’ll be back on Monday with our family room “reveal”.

Now for the haps…

  • I have a mom-hack for all of you with picky eaters at home: chopsticks. One of my boys (cough-Deacon-cough) is not winning any awards for Most Elevated Palate anytime soon. BUT, the other day I let him eat with his training chopsticks (we have these and love them), and it was a tad game-changing. It was like the activity and novelty of it all took his mind off of his preconceived thoughts about his food.

  • Reformation is having a site-wide 30% off sale. This sustainable brand is my go-to for date night dresses. I’ve currently got my eye on this beauty. And this one is super-wearable (you could go from house to park with kids to date night with your man in it). Word to the wise: size up (Ref runs a tad small).

  • I’ve shared my love for this skincare line before in this post, but Fultz just switched to their face wash and I think I may have to steal it (smells soooo heavenly and gets my face super clean without drying it out).

  • Add this film to the list of movies with release dates getting delayed because of COVID. I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan, so the fact that this is now being released in my birthday month (and when movies get the most attention for Oscars…) is okay by me.

What are you guys up to this weekend? It’s currently raining here in Dallas, so I have a feeling it will be a board game and movie-filled couple of days for our crew, and I feel completely fine with that.



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