The Weekend Haps – June 13


Hey hi hello. How are we? Stressed? Grieved? Energized? Hopeful? Frustrated? Provoked? Yep – I’m all those things, too. Let’s use that to create some lasting change, shall we?

In case you missed it…

  • I didn’t put out a ton of new content the past two weeks – there was a lot of learning and lamenting and growing, and I didn’t want to add any “noise” when so many beautiful, black voices were being amplified.

  • On Wednesday I share some small steps we can take in order to make our homes our havens. I’ve always been passionate about this, but it seems more important now than ever. Click here to read it.

Now for the haps…

  • Is everyone recommending this book? Yes, but that’s because it’s a bit mind-blowing. Hard copies are sold out, but it’s worth getting the e-book or audiobook so you can read it asap. You can see my other anti-racism resources by clicking here if you’re looking for other ways to grow in this area!

  • Do your kids get blisters on the bottoms of their toes from the pool? I don’t remember having this issue growing up, but it happens to all three of my boys. We got these swim shoes/socks for them, though, and now they’re good to go.

  • Speaking of swimming, these peshtemals are our favorite towels to take with us to the pool. I like that they are thin, which means they don’t take up much room in my tote and they dry quickly. Plus, they cute.

  • I dove into the bike short trend this spring, and I haven’t looked back. These are the ones I have, but they seem to be all but sold out (unless you’re super tiny). I just added these to my Everlane cart, though, so yay for sustainable fashion.

  • I’m declaring the coconut Waterloo the official drink of summer. It tastes like a sparkly pina colada. You’re welcome.

So really – how are you? I truly want to know. Also, is anyone going on vacation this summer? If so, where? Dying to escape with our family, but feel unsure of the options…



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  1. Taylor says:

    We are going on a small vacation with my parents and sister’s family to Fairfield Lake State Park. My parents have an RV and we rented a pop-up camper. We’re hoping that being in the outdoors and hiking trails will be fun but not too close to other people.