The Weekend Haps – July 11


This week was actual BANANAS, y’all. On every front. So much going on, and the ole bloggity blog was the thing to take a backseat. No one cares, just figured I should mention it since there’s no “in case you missed it” section on this week’s haps. You missed nothing. Moving on…

Now for the haps…

  • I’ve mentioned these sandals before (they are my absolute favorite shoes in this world, I wear them to weddings, the park, exploring with the boys, dates…). Sorel is having a crazy sale right now so just wanted to let you guys know. These slides are great if you don’t like straps around your ankle, and I’ve had my eye on these sneakers, too.

  • My lips are insanely chapped right now, and this balm is the only thing that helps. I use the rose one at bedtime, and the mango one throughout the day.

  • Have you heard of “Final Five Voting”? I recently listened to an interview of Katherine Gehl, founder of Democracy Found and author of this book, and I was fascinated. Not an endorsement (I’ve only just started researching), but my revolutionary spirit is drawn to big shifts in established processes, so I figured I’d share for any of my fellow dorks out there.

  • Suzanne Collins is BACK. I was already feeling like life felt a bit dystopian these days, so it feels right to revisit Panem.

  • I’m doing a little refresh of our boys’ playroom, and cohesive storage is step one (right now their toys are stored in mismatched and not-so-durable containers we’ve collected over the years). I have my eye on these metal ones from Target. Impossible to break, plus the neutral color will hide all the primary and neon madness of its contents (hopefully).

What are y’all up to this weekend? We’ve hit triple digit heat here in Dallas, so we’ll be spending as much time either in a pool or inside, most likely (for a born and raised South Texan I sure am a wimp when it comes to heat!).



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