The Weekend Haps – July 4


Hey hi hello. Happy long weekend, friends. How have you been spending this bonus time? Yesterday was a big day for our family (you can see why here), so we spent the day snuggling, cooking, watching Hamilton…just being TOGETHER.

In case you missed it…

  • Earlier this week I gave you guys a tour of our boys’ shared bathroom. I love it so much, and hope you do, too. You can see before and afters, get all the sources, and hear all the renovation nitty gritty by clicking here.

Now for the haps…

  • Have y’all heard of Graduate Hotels? I hadn’t until I listened to this podcast, and WHOA – the way Ben Welprin runs his business and thinks about his hotels’ design is fascinating. And DOUBLE WHOA – I just realized they’re taking over the Lumen right across the street from SMU, which is very good news for this Mustang.

  • Speaking of podcasts, I recently subscribed to Jemar Tisby’s Footnotes. I just listened to this episode, and while I’m still processing, I found it SO refreshing and helpful as I think through how to vote strategically in this upcoming election.

  • I am somehow just now reading this book, and it’s making me feel all angsty and youthful, and makes me want to smoke cigarettes and drink martinis and live in New York… (not really on the cigarettes – just pointing out that they are a good story prop).

  • If you’re wanting to kind of “clean up” your skincare but think that non-toxic products are too expensive, this brand is a perfect jumping off point. They make THE best face scrub, and I’ve been really impressed with their shampoo (the one I’ve been using is out of stock, but I’m thinking I need to try this one based on its name alone!).

  • That Anthropologie Tag Sale, tho… 50% off sale items, people. But heads up, I just learned that it doesn’t apply to home and furniture buys, unfortunately. Still, this jumpsuit is calling my name ($40 down from $139!), and I’ve seen this dress in person ($90 down from $298) and the website just doesn’t do it justice.

It’s the Fourth of July. I’m making sure our little family observes it soberly, thoughtfully, and comprehensively. This video of Frederick Douglass’s descendants reading his historic speech on this day in 1852 is SO worth 7 minutes of your time.



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