The Weekend Haps – August 29


Hi hey hello. Anyone else feel like this week was a BEAST?! Our schedule went from zero (for the last five months) to sixty as we ramp up for school. My two oldest boys get to start this upcoming week, and we have just been crazy people running around to various meetings, soccer practices, and back-to-school shopping. I am whipped, but it also feels nice to have things on the calendar, you know?

In case you missed it…

  • A recently shared ALL the details of our master bathroom renovation. We seriously took this room down to the studs, rearranged the entry, added a walk-in closet + water closet… everything (the before pictures… oh, my). Click here to read all about it and get links to sources.

  • My man (who shocked the world and joined Instagram recently) wrote an excellent article for The Institute of Faith, Work, and Economics which was published this week. If you are a leader – in the workplace, but really of any kind! – this article is for you.

Now for the haps…

  • We’ve added these strawberry and cream scones to our regular baking rotation. They are simple to make and such a crowd pleaser. They’re the perfect thing to whip up when you see that carton of strawberries start to get a bit soft.

  • Speaking of scones, I used to just use a drinking glass when I cut scones or biscuits out of the dough. But I recently caved and purchased these biscuit cutters and whoa – I get the hype now.

  • As I’ve started slowly dipping my toes into gardening recently, this account has given me endless inspiration (can’t wait for their Magnolia Network show to come out!).

  • We’re starting to do a little refresh of our (very neglected) guest room, and I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of great wall lamps for each side of the bed. I can’t wait to show you the ones I landed on, but these from World Market were definitely in the top three.

  • As the election creeps closer (deep breaths), I’m reminded of how good this book is. It was published 10 years ago, but it still SO timely.

  • I get goosebumps and happy tears every single time I watch this movie scene (and I’ve watched it… a lot). The loss of Chadwick Boseman this week hit a lot of us hard, I think. We’ll get through this year, but man it is BRUTAL.

Aside from the business this week brought, there are still just so many dark and heavy elements to our current world. Take heart, friends – there’s a way to see it through with hope and joy.



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