Honorable Mentions – Vol. 1


Lesson learned this week? Just because something is hard does not mean that it is bad. I’d say this was a lesson reenforced, rather than learned. Waking up multiple times a night to feed a newborn, homeschooling my boys in an effort to save our family money + spend more time with them, going for a walk or doing a quick at-home workout when I would rather curl up and take a nap… all things that feel SO hard at the moment, but I know are the products of major blessings in my life. Here’s to making gratitude and discipline the default setting this coming week.

Things you may have missed this week…

  1. Color reveal of our new bedroom refresh – just the dreamiest, most luscious brown…
  2. Our dining room chairs. Click here to shop our whole dining room.
  3. This hair serum has saved. my. hair.
  4. This scalp scrub has saved. my. scalp.
  5. Lia’s pilates method feels so right.
  6. A new Cormoran Strike novel was released this month. I’ve finished, and already can’t wait for the next.
  7. Reath Design is my new interiors inspiration. Can’t get over all of their work.

Chasing the good, true, and beautiful with you,


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