Honorable Mentions – Vol. 2


Weather changes, husband traveling, plans changed/canceled, racing to the finish on our bedroom redo (can’t wait to share soon!), and so. much. baseball. It feels like the new season is really making itself at home, and honestly I’m here for it. Our house (and me, tbh) feels like it was made for autumn.

Things you may have missed this week…

  1. This rug. I bought it for the library, actually used it in the living room, and now it’s in our bedroom. I love the fun pattern, and the neutral colors go with everything.
  2. This book. I’ve been learning so much from Danielle about the church calendar and how to incorporate it into our family’s worship and rhythm.
  3. This dress. It gives Salem Witch, but – you know – in a good way 🙂 I wore it when I was pregnant, too, and it’s super easy to nurse in (a must for me these days). Size down for sure.
  4. This device. Our house smells lovely most of the time because of it (we have four throughout the house). I rounded up a few of my favorite scents here.
  5. These joggers. The coziest on the planet. There is literally nothing at Vuori I do not want, which is wild (apologies for the double negative, but it felt necessary to make the point).
  6. This baby wrap. Conrad is about to outgrow it, but it’s hands down the best for those newborn wearing days.
  7. These tacos. I’ve made these brisket tacos twice in the last two weeks. Beyond easy, and such a hit with the family.



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