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Coming to you from a place of extreme gratitude, as we have NEVER had our bedroom be our favorite room of the house…and now it is!

Let’s back up. This is how our room started (and how we lived with it for the last 10 months). Custard paint, aggressive texture, ceiling patches from an upstairs leak, and ancient furniture we bought when we first got married (and had zero dollars because we were 21 and just out of college).

Our bedroom has always been the last room of the house I design. Or, rather, it’s meant to be…and then I just have never gotten around to it. So when Interior Define reached out and asked if I’d be interested in using some of their pieces to update a room in our home, I knew now was the time to give our bedroom the attention it deserved.

I was already a big fan of Interior Define (I used them to create our chaise lounge, seen here in our old office – still one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our house!), so it was truly a no-brainer to agree to work with them again. They have so many fantastic silhouettes to choose from, and an ever-expanding range of upholstery options. On top of that, you also get to choose the type of fill and legs for certain pieces, too.

Interior Define is a great resource for my clients, too. The affordable prices and endless customization based on taste, size, finishes, etc. make them a PERFECT option for the families I serve. And the quality is definitely just as good (if not better) than a lot of the pricey trade-only brands I’ve worked with in the past.

After having the walls and ceilings smoothed and painted (paint the ceiling, my friends – it’ll make your room feel like a warm hug), it was time to bring in our fabulous new furniture.

We chose the Rowan Bed (in Fawn Performance Velvet), the Lawson Swivel Chair (in Champagne Performance Loop Weave), and the Maxwell Accent Chair + Ottoman (in Raven Performance Hunt Stripe). Mixing the colors and textures was such a win and achieved the “Elevated Cozy” vibe I intended.

Again, it’s been such a joy to have OUR room be my favorite in the house (instead of, you know, a bathroom or nursery, lol).

What do we think? Any questions? What was your favorite part?

HUGE thanks to Interior Define for gifting me with these stunning pieces. My opinions are all my own and very genuine. They’re also giving my readers 20% off – just use code SARAHF20 at checkout!



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